What was happening for us at the 2007 Ulearn ICT Conference.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ewan, Creative Writing and Gaming

Ewen showed us the power of using gaming software to access students' creativity. to engage our class by stepping into the virtual world of games, music and literature. He encouraged us to be participants in the lesson, to model the creativity we want our students to exhibit.

Myst was Ewen's choice of games. This fantastic world is graphic-rich allowing students to explore metaphorical language. Describing the landscape...inky cold water....looming scarred rocks like a gaping wound...these were examples from year 7 students.

The entire process was web-based to help keep everything collated. Wiki's were very useful so students could add to to a collaborative document(Google Docs could also be used)

He also used point-and-click flash games to encourage students to explore visually rich games and then create stories based on their experiences. Here's an example of a student reading his Myst story.

http://www.timrylands.com/ an inspirational educator
http://www.visuwords.com this one is spectacular
http://www.nettlestonepri.iow.sch.uk/punctuation.htm great idea for grammer

What an inspirational presenter.


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Ewan McIntosh said...

Thanks for the positive feedback on this. I was wondering if you had managed to get anything done with this in your classroom? I've noticed some other colleagues from the day who had got some great results out of their students.

Hope you're well.